Can't log into Window XP after 3 months since last use

I'm using a laptop I had not used in several months due to some battery related issues. Recently, I was able to get the battery to charge, and the computer on after several months of inactivity. However, I can no longer log into the password protected Administrator Account. I set the password in October and had been using it to log in with no problems. Again, I have not used the computer since March. Could this be why I can't login? It is a password I use for a lot of my accounts so I know I am imputing the correct password. I have also tried several different variations of the password unsuccessfully. I am using the non password protected guest account to type this. Please help. Thanks
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  1. make sure your numlock/caps lock is off when you're typing the password or viceversa.

    not using the laptop while it was turned off and on the shelf somewhere has nothing to do with your password
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