Does 4870x2 use Crossfire??

I currently have 2 4850 512MB, but am thinking bout getting a 4870x2 this month. My question is that I cannot seem to get the 4850s Crossfired, and my second port only seems to want to run at x1 instead of x8. If I get a 4870x2 does it work as one card automatically using both cores, or will I have to set up Crossfire? If I can put that in my main slot, and then keep one of the 4850s in the secondary slot even @x1 just to run my 3rd monitor, and use the 4870x2 to it's full capacity, I can live with that, but if I get it, and find out that I can't crossfire and it only uses one core, I'll be pretty pissed after dropping $500 on a card. Does anyone know if it will work automatically?
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  1. No don't worry, the 4870x2 runs as one card and you don't have to set up crossfire.

    For the rest, you should show what mobo, psu etc you have. For starters, your mobo should be running the cards at x8
  2. It runs with crossfire, but with no special setup needed.
  3. thanks guys. I have a TA790GX MOBO that I think is the culprit.
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