AMD 965 BE normal cpu temp?

So i just recently made a new build with the intent of overclocking but before i started to OC I realized my CPU temps were not what I was expecting.
AMD 965 BE c3 (@3.4ghz stock)
Biostar TA890FXE
Corsair xm3 PC12800 1600mhz
EVGA geforce GTX 260
Scythe Mugen 2 Revision B heatsink fan
Antec Formula 5 thermal paste
Coolmaster 750W & Coolmaster Centurion Case
Case setup: PSU on the bottom with fan pointing downwards, 1 case fan on front and side blowing in with 1 case fan back and top blowing out (all 120mm), the CPU fan is sitting right above my ram slots blowing in

With BIOS set on default and at idle my cpu is running at around 35-38C (notice my core speed is at 800mhz and jumps around to 2200 mhz)

When disabled PowerNow Option in the Bios (biostar's Cool N Quiet mode) my idle cpu sits around 53C

I ran a 3dmark06 test right after my cpu temp was around 70c(during the CPU testing I saw it go up into the 90s)

I've been reading around and it seems my amd 965 cpu temp should be running lower espically with my heatsink fan. I only applied a BB size drop of antec pasete onto the metal cap of the cpu and tinted the heatsink fan.

Are these normal temps?? I really hope its my motherboard giving me wrong temp reading. I have yet to crash and when im gaming everything seems fine (mainly play wow with max settings). can anyone confirm if these temps are ok before i try overclocking?
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    Its running dangerously hot unless the temp readings are wrong the HSF must be installed incorrectly or faulty. You should not go over 62C according to AMD so 90s is going to kill it quickly. If you are sure the fan was installed properly try the stock cooler.
  2. I run mine in an antec 1200 case,zalman cnps9900 led cooler,O/C to 3.8
    my idle temps are aroung 35'C and during heavy BFBC2 gaming I'm around 55'C MAX.My room temp is around 20'C.
    and I used arctic silver ceramique.
    I also run mine with none of that cool'n'quiet crap,lol.
    even idling my core speed is 3.8

    so i agree with simon,recheck your heatsink.
  3. Ok I'll try the stock hsf and since what i get
  4. I paid a little more attention to my CPU temps while gaming this morn,never over 44'C
  5. soo yea you guys were right. I put the stock HSF and now my idle temps run around 35-57C and right after a 3dmark test i was getting around 44C. So now i guess my problem would be..How do i install my scythe mugen heatsink properly?? Was the way i applied the thermal paste correct? How tight do i need to screw it on and it the hsf basically supposed to be smashing the cpu? anyone with experience with this particular heatsink. thanks
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  7. I was having issues with heat on my brand new system build with the 965be. I ended up going with the Corsair H50 and now my temps are 28-30 at idle and no more than 38-40 at full load or gaming while useing the TurboV Evo feature.

    The best bang for your buck on cooling is the Corsair H50 and I fought with not wanting to put it on because of the thought it wouldnt help, but man am I ever greatful I did.
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