WINDOWS/system32/config/system error continues to appear


I have a 250 GB SATA hard drive, that I got from my father because he didn't need it anymore.
I used the Acronis Migrate Easy program to transfer the data from my old drive to the new one. Other than one blue screen, it worked perfectly fine for the next couple of weeks. Then one day I was playing a PC game when the whole system froze. I rebooted the computer and got the "WINDOWS/system32/config/system is corrupted or missing" error. I tried everything, but couldn't fix it because the whole "system" file was missing. So, I reformatted my drive, losing all my data in the process. It worked fine for a couple of days. Then I got an error that I didn't recognize. I rebooted again and it worked fine. A day later, the same thing happened. I got a different SATA cable to go to my hard drive, and plugged the SATA cable to a different port. That seemed to work for a couple of days. I re-installed a couple of my games, and while I was playing one of them. The computer froze again. I re-booted it again, and the same "WINDOWS/system32/config/system is corrupted or missing" error appeared. I booted up with the Windows XP CD again, and when I go to the "Repair" option in the CD, it freezes when I choose the drive that I'm trying to repair. And when I press "Enter" to go to the re-installation option. It freezes when it says "Searching for previous versions of Windows on this drive." But when I turn the computer off, right before it shuts down, I can see a glimpse of the screen where you choose the drive to re-format. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. See if there is a check disk option in the BIOS, your drive looks to be going/gone bad.
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