Put a new graphic card in my laptop

I have a HP dv4-1220us you can check it out

i play games on this such as DOOM 3 and CS Source.

i wanted to be able to play more advance games such as HALO2....Tom Clancy rainbow6 vegas2.......Call of duty 4.....Crysis.

i tried rainbow6 but it lags up too often despite ATI game compatibility check. i want to know if the graphics card can be upgraded?

According to http://www.notebookcheck.net/ATI-Radeon-HD-3200.9591.0.html it says something like adding more ram.....im not too good with this.
want to know the best solution.
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  1. You can't swap out the video card on a laptop. It's usually part of the motherboard. You can upgrade the RAM and get a quicker hard drive for slightly lower load-times, but it looks like you already have 4GB RAM so adding any more probably wouldn't net you much gain. I think you're stuck with what you got.

    What I tell anyone looking to buy a laptop is to get one with a good processor, video card, and screen. Then choose the absolute lowest amount of RAM and the cheapest HDD when you order it. Then, get online and buy RAM and a better HDD. You'll get better performance and save a lot of money that way. But since yours is pretty new, you're probably not looking to upgrade. Good luck m8.
  2. yea thats true i didn't think about that its just that i wanted to run more advance games and didn't do my research before buying this.....i guess it was the price that i got it for $620 flat.

    I know this my sound like a dumb idea but wouldn't it be possible to build a external graphics booster that could be connected to the laptop, so that high end games can be played? (just an idea)
    HEY maybe you guys could build one or do an article about it.
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