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I was doing online training,, for creating epubs from InDesign. The teacher recommended a third-party text editor called Sigil (freeware). That worked great for a day or two, then seems to have been the culprit in messing with other programs. I uninstalled it, and the other programs started working normally. But in the meanwhile, my kindle for PC would not load. I spent 3 hours with the Amazon Kindle specialist techs, to no avail. One of their suggestions had been to try to install the kindle for PC reader as "administrator." I'm "administrator" anyway. I got the computer from someone else, who had set no password. So I set a password, via the control panel. Didn't fix the kindle install. Finally I went to an earlier restore point, pre-Sigil, and kindle pc could install just fine.

HOWEVER, now I have to put in a password upon login. I'm the admin anyway. It worked fine for a couple of boot-ups. But now, every time I re-boot, windows tells me the personal settings is somehow corrupt, and I start all over again with settings. Lost all my emails in outlook, lost all my desktop stuff, except for my programs. When I go back to control panel, to "user accounts," it's completely blank. No info. Just the icon of the girl/boy puppets. If possible, maybe you know another way to get into the settings, other than via the control panel?
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  1. Your Outlook e-mails are probably still available - run a search for files of type .pst and make sure they're in c:\documents and Settings\{User Account name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Reconstitute the account in Outlook>Tools>E-Mail accounts and they should reassociate themselves.

    As to Admin rights, you may have an Administrative User Account but you aren't the Administrator. Tap Function 8 at StartUp and see if that system Administrator account appears on the login screen.

    If you can get in there without a password you will be able to fix more issues but if you cannot, our Forum Rules prevent us from helping any further with password issues.

  2. @saga lout: Thanks for your suggestion. After some more hours with an adobe tech, it was determined that the registry has serious problems, and hence we're going to install a new OS.

  3. An Adobe tech? :D

    I do hope you've rescued your personal data before reinstalling an OS - particularly the e-mail data.

  4. All my documents (and regis. no's and some software programs .exe's) were saved prior on an external hard drive, including an Excel spreadsheet with my email addresses. Before we do the OS change, I'll ask my tech to try your method for retrieving the emails, but basically, I'm resigned to having lost them, and they weren't really all that important. Thank you for your support.
  5. I'd been working with an adobe tech because the problems started with an adobe program failing to launch. I'd actually found an adobe tech who knew how to run dos commands (!) and seemed pretty savvy. A needle in a haystack. I think he did a pretty thorough analysis, but when my own tech gets here next week, I'll see if he can do better, and I'll pass him your text. Thanks again for your very kind help and support.
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