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I am trying to learn more about the new computer I bought specifically the Dvd Drive

I am mainly confused with what the different symbols mean

such as:


And also what is Double Layer Dual Format mean?

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  1. CDs are audio disks that contains music and hold about 650MBytes or so of data.
    DVDs are video or data disks that hold about 4.7GBytes of data per side/layer.

    +R and -R are special discs that you can record data to. They're similar to the idea of a blank videotape for a video recorder, except that they can only be written to once.

    +RW and -RW are another type of disc the you can record to, but unlike the +/-R format these discs can be "erased" back to the empty state so that you can make a new recording on them.

    "Dual Format" means the drive can handle both CD an DVD discs.

    "Double Layer" means that the drive can read both layers of DVD disks (these discs can double the capacity by having two layers of data per side).
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