AM3 board supporting raid and optical sata ?

I am looking for an AM3 socket mobo that will support a 2 drive raid 0 sata and a sata optical drive. I just about narrowed down my mobo selection to the asus M4A79T delux or the Crosshair III but after reading a bunch of forums and comments it appears that neither board supports this. s there a list somewhere of mobos that do ?
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  1. just to be complete: I will be running an amd phenom II x3 720 processor and 2 SATA drives in a raid 0 configuration. I would like to avoid buying a second SATA or PATA controller card just for the optical drive.
    It appears that Asus sets all SATA connections to Raid (all or nothing) so an optical drive would need to be either in IDE mode (??? what is this) or I would need a second controller. Neither is what I want ideally. Thoughts ?
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