Help with my next upgrade! not sure which

Hi all

Upgraded a really old computer a few months ago with some cheap parts so i could save to get some upgrades. Im just curious to see which of my set up you would recommend upgrading first as im really unsure.

ram = 4GBKIT (2X2GB) 800MHZ NON ECC
graphics cards = GF 9500GT 512MB PCIE DVI
MOBO = Gigabyte motherboard EP35-DS3L, LGA775 P35 1333FSB DDR2 ATX
gpu = E5200 Pentium DC S775 2MB 2.5G
screen = crappy 19"
hard drive = 80gb (just a gaming rig for me and used for nothign else)

I mainly play cod4 and wow. sometimes get some lag spikes but not sure if thats graphics card or internet connecttion.

All advice appreciated!!
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