Two CPU Questions. Cooling and higher end = cheaper?

Okay, so right now I am running on a AM2 AMD Phenom 9950 BE @ 3.0 GHz. It runs at this speed no problem, but I want to overclock it more. My room, which I keep the computer in is fairly cool. Its about 20C/68F in the room, and so far my CPU stays around 36C/96F when playing video games. (Thats all I am really doing, I do not do anything at full-load) My first question is, what is the best after market CPU Cooler (air) out there?

(I was thinking the Coolermaster V10, but that come in the way when changing/ upgrading RAM. How good is the Coolermaster V8?)

My second question is that if I upgrade my CPU, I was thinking of a new Phenom II. I am looking at the 920 and 940. The thing is, says that the 920 is normally $349.99 (ON SALE FOR $299.99), and the 940 is $275.99.

Why is the 920 more expensive?
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  1. Anand often does good cpu reviews. Up the top end there isnt more than a few dozen mhz oc potential between different coolers, so the good news is, it doesnt really matter.

    Ive always liked thermalright products. Their 120 extreme/ultra/copper coolers are all very good. You can also get creative and create an intake venturi etc.
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