Windows explorer toolbar disappeared

i have no idea what i did or what went wrong,but, my tool bar is gone and so are all of my i cant forward any e-mails, and i dont know what to do to fix it......and i have another problem with my verizon cable box. as i was watching the news this morning around 5 am, the box stopped working,and no matter what i tried, nothing worked....on the little screen of front of the cable box i see a sort of clock, that starts to count down from 60 to o and then starts all over again..
and i tried every thing in your manual with out much luck,, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tahnks
james a.barnes
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  1. call up verizon? they have tech support that you are paying them for.

    regarding the tool bar, can you be more specific as to what tool bar has disappeared?

    email problems would be contingent on cable box not working properly
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