USB overload?

Hey guys,

Some time ago I built a system for my girlfriend with an old MSNV-939 motherboard I had. Lately she's been having issues with some of her USB equipment. She has my old Logitech G15 keyboard, a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, a xbox wireless receiver for PC (via USB of course), and a web cam. All of these have worked before, but this week she has lost usage of many tools. The Mouse doesn't work anymore, neither does the xbox dongle, but the keyboard works, though the LCD screen on it doesn't work anymore. She plugged in her webcam today and it apparently works just fine. All items are recognized by windows XP (32bits) when they are plugged in, they just don't work for some reason.

I remember last month we tried to plug the xbox wireless receiver on the USB port of the G15 keyboard, and I plugged my USB flashdrive on the second G15 USB port, and windows told us something about a USB overload (can't remember the exact message). However, the other USB ports on the mobo have been working since, until last week.

Does anyone know if I can do something to fix this myself? Or are the USB really fried and hopeless?
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  1. In my experience, it's time for a new MB.
    The USB overload thing is likely unrelated, and probably refers to trying to power too many USB devices from a single port.
  2. Mondoman is probably correct, but don't rule out the PSU. See if you can monitor the USB +5. Note this is different than your normal +5 that you can measure at a molex pin.
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