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Hello,i have a problem at first my harddisk is detected in the bios but when i click on auto detect harddisk than my harddisk is lost. so plz say what is the problem
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  1. Many BIOS's will auto-detect your HDD as a default option and set its parameters. But they also have a separate screen for times when the simple process does not work. On that screen you can specify a particular HDD unit and run an auto-detect utility on it to help you. Is that what you did?

    IF you ran that separate auto-detect utility, what it does is gather what info it can from the HDD and display to you several possible sets of HDD parameters to use. Then you have to choose one set and tell it to install those and try using the HDD that way. If it works, you're OK. Otherwise you must re-do it and tell it to try another set. If you do NOT tell it which set to install, it may install NO parameters and our BIOS cannot talk to your HDD.

    MOST times you do NOT need to do all this. In the very first BIOS Setup screens it shows you all the disks in your system with some of their parameters. In one of those columns you can set its type to be [AUTO] (that is usually the default). Set each HDD that way. The BIOS will get info from the HDD, pick the most likely set of parameters and install them, and almost always this will get the HDD working. The separate screen with the special auto-detect utility is ONLY for use when the first system fails to get you going.
  2. Just plug the HDD (SATA cable & SATA Power) the motherboard(BIOS) should see it. T. No additional work is needed. OS installer should see the drive
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