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Im looking at a new laptop and was wondering what the GMA 4500M is like. The performance dosent need to be that good but needs to be a bit better than the GMA X3100. Theoretically it should be better but i know better than to assume bigger numbers always equals better card.

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  1. What are you going to run on the notebook?
  2. Well i have a desktop that can be used to run anything the laptop wont handle, which would be most of it i recon :lol: The Wife has expressed a wish to use it to play the Sims which would mean the new Sims 3 when it comes out and from what i have read on line it requires a GMS X3100 as minimum so thats why i am saying it just needs to be better than that.
    I guess i should have added more detail really with my first post.
    If anyone has any recomendations as far as laptops go im in the UK so no New Egg, and would be looking at around the £400- £500 mark.

  3. The 4500M is a good bit better than the X3100, but it still sucks. Look for a nvidia 6100/7100 or ATI 3200M/3300M.
  4. I'm gonna say the OP needs to aim a little higher than is being suggested. The Sims 2 was a fairly GPU intensive game considering the casual gaming audience it was aimed at... and well, it ain't like the Sims 3 is going to have lower requirements. There are plenty of $800 laptops out there with plenty of GPU muscle to do basic gaming on. Nvidia 8600s... 9500s... something along those lines would serve you well.
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