Ram heatspeader is too big and touching CPU cooler problem

I recently installed a new CPU heatsink/fan on my Q9550, the Coolermaster Geminii S.

The problem is that the heatspeader fin on my OCZ ram is touching the side of the CPU fan because it is too tall.

take a look at this picture and you will know what i mean


and the CPU cooler


Its actually more than touching, since the ram's heat fin is maybe bending around 3mm outward because the 120mm fan is blocking it.

So since i'm really paranoid i switched out the ram stick that is touching it and put in a Value Samsung 2gig stick in its place. But for overclocking reasons, i want to get rid of it.

if i put back the OCZ ram in is the heatfin going to melt the side of my fan or anything or going to prose any problem, i dont think that the 3mm bending is a big deal, i just dont want my cpu fan to melt from contact with the heat fin
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  1. Well, pictures of the hardware is nice and all, it would be a lot more helpful if you posted a picture of the system showing the problem. If it is only slightly touching, and not causing too much pressure, it will probably be just fine. If either of your heatsinks get hot enough to actually melt anything, you have a serious problem somewhere else. Your CPU gets a lot hotter than that memory stick, and exactly where is the fan mounted? Directly onto it's heatsink, correct?
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