How many/what hard drives do i need?

This is my setup :cooler master haf 932, i5 750, asus p7p55d-e pro, 4 gb ram, 1 gb sonic platinum gtx 460, PC for gaming and nothing too intensive. I was wondering if I needed 2 or 3 hard drives, and which ones I should get.

I just bought the Samsung Spinpoint 1GB F3, and was planning on using that to store games/programs, and getting an SSD for Windows OS/etc. Do I need a 3rd program for media (roughly 100 gbs worth) or should i just lump in with other games/programs. Can i do that now and add a3 rd one in the future ?

Should I look to get a SSD like the Momentus XT? Any feedbck is appreciated, thanks
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  1. your choice. got money and port? then yeah why not. Otherwise no, and please not on the same hd as games. put it on Windows hd.
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