4870x2 watercooled ek-fullblock corruption

hey guys,
4870x2 worked perfectly for 10 months under watercooled conditions, overclocked 790 & 990 but no benching just games, bfbc2. temps never above 40c. (always monitored temps) played this morning for about 30 min then MAJOR SCREEN CORRUPTION in game, windows & bios. no red lights, tryed fresh install, xp 32bit with corruption on screen, i was able to errors on asus display but(now just reboots after xp logo). 10.6 & 10.7 cat drivers, antec 1000 psu, maximus 2 formula, (qx9650 @ 4..recently bought used on ebay), i installed waterblock, no water leaks...i'm at a loss...any ideals? thanks
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    10 months? I'm hoping you've flushed and cleaned the line out in that time? Please, at least once?
    First out, do you have a spare gfx card (known good one) you can swap out and use to check systems fine? just to narrow down if it is the cards or not,
  2. thx for the reply, a good flush was on my agenda (now a must), reservoir is clean, distilled water w/ silver placed in line, no smell, great temps...unfortunally i need to purchace a gfx to try. will do soon
  3. cool, afaik you should flush them out at least twice a year and use an anti-fungal biocide in there as well (is that what the silvers for?)
    I'll check back see how you get on once you get another gfx card man
  4. thx Moto, it's from petrastech shop...(KillCoils are approx. 1.3g of pure anti-algae/antimicrobial ass kickery in the form of 0.999 fine silver). btw, i've been working 6 days aweek so it's been hard to do anything...i found a 7950 gt to try, just no time...
  5. no rush man, I work nights so understand totally the balance (or lack thereof) between life,Desktime and work :) oh,and sleep
  6. got the 7950 gt in, not much of a card but it does work, guess the 4870 is crap, gonna try and rma it if i can put it back together...i do have anti-fungal biocide, i just heard that silver is just as affective. btw i did a complete flush...what a pain
  7. You signed up for that when you went Water mate hehe

    Afaik, you 'should' do a full flush, dismantle and clean all waterblocks and replace any tubing that needs it once a year, and flush/replace liquid every six months
    must be worth it for those low low temps tho :P
  8. yes it is my friend ;) just not the card taking a dump...i did not clean the blocks yet but will once i settle the card issue...
  9. btw, ordered the xfx 5970 black edition, should be here today....
  10. Cool, hope it goes well man :)
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