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hi,i have a 500gig seagate hard drive.consisting of a 145gig local disc/C (operating system is on the C/ section) and a 320gig local disc/D...the D/ section is not formatted so i cannot use it as question is if i format the D/ section of the drive,will this also delete the data on the C/ section of the drive?..and will i need to reinstall my operating system?? i have created a system restore image on an external drive already,any help is much appreciated...thanks.!!
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    Formatting D will not format C. It will only format the partition you tell it to. No, you will not need to reinstall the OS.
  2. great,thanks Hawkeye22,should i just right click on the D/section and go to format,is that ok??..thanks again
  3. Yes, that will work or you can use disk management.
  4. thanks Hawkeye22
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