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Last response: in Wireless Networking
November 15, 2009 10:04:06 AM

Please guys I spent over 10 hours trying to connect my printer using wifi and its doing my head in, I will be very grateful if yous can help a wifi newbie like myself to clarify some confusing points....

I just bought a "Canon Pixma MP640" printer that has wifi capability and decided this would be the perfect oppurtunity to test out my onboard wifi built in to my "Asus p5k motheroard" in my computer. The wifi motherboard has an attached external antenna cable that sits about 2 metres away from the printer....I dont own a router because my internet is connected with a cable modem and I dont need a router for anything else so I wanted the printer to directly acess the pc wifi antenna and after the first 6 hours I realised the canon printer does not support "ad hoc" (direct computer to wifi equipment ability).

So I blindly tried to setup my motherboards wifi as an acess point instead of ad hoc, and to my suprise it seemed to work when I enabled all sharing options in "network and sharing centre" in Vista and then used the printer to detect my SSID..... However my pc was now visible and vulnarably accesible to all my neigbours who are using wireless. I could see all the other wireless networks in my neigbourhood were all password protected except for I tried disabling some of the sharing options to make my wifi connection more private and secure but then my printer lost wifi connection due to disabling the sharing options.... so I decided to re-enable all sharing and instead create a WPA secured passworded network and then entered the same password into my printer however when I check the "Manage Wireless Networks" in vista it shows my setup security as "unsecured" even though the asus wifi utility manager shows it as "wpa protected" and due to this conflict the printer again fails to connect using wifi.
So my questions are......

1) Can I disable my SSID broadcast and my network discovery so no one else can see me but still allow my printer to acess my pc via wifi ?

2) Changing the network sharing options also seems to apply the same changes to my ethernet internet connection which is NOT wireless, is there a way to apply the sharing options only for the wireless network without it effecting my internet Network setup ?

3) Which of these "Network and Sharing" options can I turn off to increase security without disabling my personal wifi connection with my printer ....

- Network Discovery -on/off
- File sharing - on/off
- Public Folder Sharing -on/off
- Printer Sharing -on/off
- Password Protected Sharing -on/off
-Media Sharing -on/off

4) Should I configure my setup as a private or public network ?

5) What security setting should I use...WPA, WPA2-personal, WEP, shared key, open system, encrypted AES, ASCII, hex, or passshephere and what does it all mean ?

Thanks for any help

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