Temps & lockup after installing crossfire

Since installing 2 x 4870s in crossfire last weekend I have the following issues:

1 Sisandra (benchmarking tool) crashes as soon as I open it before even trying to run any tests.
2 Everest frequently makes windows freeze and I have to press reset.
3 Motherboard temps where between 25-33C regardless of activity now they are around 25-28 when windows first loads but when I exit a game they are high 40s and could have gone even higher while gaming. My CPU temps are not affected at all.
4 Due to the problem with everest (which is only 30 day trial anyway) I don't have anything to monitor the card temps as speed fan doesn't read them, is there any free software that will monitor them?

Despite the above I can play games fine with no issues (I have only played around 2-3 hours of Metro 2033 and 10 mins of modern warfare 2 but no issues).

System spec.
Phenom 550BE unlocked to 4 core @ 3.55GHz
4GB OCZ DDR3 1333MHZ (2x2GB)
Asrock 880G extreme 3
2 x Radeon HD 512Mb 1 is saphire 1 is XFX both 512Mb running 750MHz clock 900MHz RAM (i think this is stock)
Windows 7 64bit

Please help
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  1. download GPU-Z temp monitor tool, its free and very easy to use. dont worry about the board temps. if problems persist, try reinstalling the vga drivers.
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