how to connect 4.1 sound systems in laptop?

hi, i have just bought a sony vaio vgn-cs25glaptop.There are only two ports in the laptop. one is for the headphone and the other one is for the microphone.when i connect the woofer (green or the black wire ) to the earphone port then only 2 speakers is played along with the woofer. i am a great fan of rock music .but in rock music one needs atleast 4.1 sound system to get the best of how can i play all the speakers in the laptop?please help me.
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  1. how many connectors do the speakers come with? 2 mini jacks? do you have a spdif or anything?
  2. I guess you'll have just one jack. You may have to buy a bit of kit.
    Look for USB or PCMCIA sound cards for laptops.

    Or get a splitter and use two phono leads out of that. Love the budget ideas.
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