New pc won't boot up, not sure why.

As you have read, I'm having troubles booting up this new pc I built for my brother. I have no clue why either, knowing me, I missed something obvious, or something shorted.

So... here's the machine.

TUL Motherboard:I heard this got good reviews, so I'd check it out.

AMD AthlonX2 BE-2300 : Decent CPU for a Decent price.

AllComponents 2gig RAM : this was just cheap ram, I didn't really check the reviews here.

Sunbeam 580W PSU : A cheap power supply that I heard got good reviews

Rosewill ATX MidTower Case : Good reviews, sleek, and cheap.

and a recycled 80 gig ATA Seagate drive, and a CD/DVD/RW.

As you can see, I was on quite a low budget, and I am kinda regretting it. The machine won't boot up, at least, I can't tell. When I've got all the parts hooked up and ready, as I thought they were, the cpu fan revs, the hard drive fires up, the cd drive opens if I push the button... so clearly the PSU is doing it's job right? Everything has power. buut, there is no post. I hear no beeping, nothing. And on the monitor? Nada. Nothing shows up, I've tried hooking it up to another GPU, and still nothing. Realllly lost right about now, any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Never heard of this TUL brand of motherboards before. Not that I am the all-knowing encyclopedia on motherboard manufacturers, but I think they must be a very low-key manufacturer. Considering everything appears to turn on, I would suspect the motherboard.

    Also, it is possible that the BIOS of that motherboard needs to be upgraded, but I don't think it is worth the hassle. RMA that motherboard and get a decent brand name like ASUS or Gigabyte for $20 more.
  2. Did you remember to plug in the 4-pin CPU power connector near the CPU socket in addition to the 24-pin motherboard power connector? A lot of new builders seem to miss the CPU power connector. If the CPU power connector isn't plugged in, it will cause symptoms like yours.
  3. The 4-pin CPU power connector wasn't near the 20-pin on this mobo, but yes, it is plugged in. However, I originally overlooked the 4pin when I first assembled everything and attempted to power it up. Would this cause any malfunction?

    Njalterio: I was considering it, but like I said, this was for my brother who was on a strict budget. I too am suspecting the motherboard, but since everything powers on, shouldn't that mean the motherboard is doing something? The CPUfan, the GPUfan; they power on when the power is on, although they don't do much else.
  4. Check the Ram!!
  5. No, all that comes on regardless.

    Having power is far different from having appropriate, clean voltages.

    I see 4 or 5 jumpers on the board, makes sure they are all set correctly.

    Make sure the standoffs under the board are only in the correct spots.

    I see no speaker right off, but pull the video card and RAM and see if the board beeps at you.

    If all that fails pull the CPU and inspect the pins.

    A $20 PSU is a pretty good recipe for disaster though.
  6. I have tried without the ram or video card, still same exact thing, and no beeps.

    The CPU appears fine, the pins are all perfect.

    Jumpers: I only see a CMOS jumper that could be any use, and it's set correctly. The other jumpers are USBReset, or something similar, KeyboardMouseReset, TVInput and the other is a sound reset.
  7. I would say MB or PSU... they are the most suspicious parts in the system, anyway.
  8. Yeah, I think so too. I've contacted Newegg about this. I'm gonna contact Tul too to see what they say.

    The psu seems to work fine though, but it is a very mysterious brand...
  9. Try the psu in another computer. that will narrow down the problem.
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