Dynamic vs Basic disks?

For all practical purposes which is better dynamic or basic disk configuration? I'm running windows 7 Pro?
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  1. A basic disk configuration is more than enough for everyday computing. You don't really need to have a dynamic configuration for basic computer use, unless you really want to delve into RAID, which, again, isn't necessary for basic use.
  2. actually that is what I'm trying to achieve a raid0 setup, with two 750gb drives,how do I set up raid?
  3. are you using motherboard raid? What is the MB model, if so?
  4. Asus crosshair 3 formula
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    ok, basic/dynamic disks relates to windows/software raid. If you are going to use the chipset/motherboard raid, you would do that through the BIOS. Your motherboard manual should show you how to do that. It will destroy any existing data on your drives.
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