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I am running 2 asus 9800 gt nvidia cards. I am using a dual monitor system. Problem is that most DVD programs (including WMP & power DVD) crashes when I try to play a simple DVD. Running in SLI mode I have no problems. (Of course with only one monitor) is there a DVD program that will keep up to the times and work with multiple video cards? Has SLI come out with an upgrade for multiple monitors yet?

Thanks for your response.
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  1. I've never heard that one before. Are you sure it is the DVD programs and not the drivers? Have you tried the latest drivers to see if that helps?
  2. Ok, Downloaded and installed the latest Drivers. Geforce182.06. Still having issues. It will crash every dvd program I have except for WMP classic, but even that is flaky. Again, all these dvd programs will run in SLI mode. But not in multi screen mode. Big pain to switch every time I want to view a DVD. Especially since this rig is intended to build DVDs.

    The Rig...

    Mobo: Asus L1N64-SLI WS/B Dual Processor workstation Board
    CPU: 2 - 1.8GHZ opteron 2346he Quad core socket F
    Ram: 2GB Registered unBuffered
    Video: 2 - 9800 Geforce GT 512GB DDR3
    Drives: 2 - Seagate 1T - Raid 0 - Storage
    1 - Western 160 GB - Operating System Drive & Programs
    1 - Asus DRW-2014L1T DVD 8X
    OS - Win XP Pro SP2 (Its got the drivers I need)
  3. My work laptop has two 8700M GTs and I tested a DVD while running in dual monitor mode at work. One chip was powering the main laptop display and the other was powering an external monitor. Anyway, running Dell Media Direct (or whatever their DVD software is called) worked fine on the main laptop screen. Can you get your hands on that Dell software to try it?
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