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Hello all
My pc is giving me issues and I think it's time to reformat. Anyways I want to be able to install xp, all my software and tweak it, then clone it to DVD's and save it for a quick restore when needed. I have had little success with Acronis TI. The GUI isn't so informative IMO, and after saving the clean install to DVD and restoring windows later on I had all kinds of issues..
I made sure to burn the files on good media but windows wouldn't play nice.
Can someone recommend an easy software that won't give me issues...
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  1. acronis & norton ghost are the most popular, haven't really used them much myself. Just make sure you activate XP before you clone, so you don't have to do it each time.
  2. If your PC is giving you issues and you suspect impending hard drive failure, it's time to clone the hard disk and replace the old disk with a new one of higher capacity. Most newer hard disks are SATA; verify this. If required, install Belarc Advisor and run it to get detailed information on everything on your PC.

    I did disk cloning on one laptop and two desktops.

    1. The laptop disk was on its last legs (clicking sound ---> imminent failure). Along with replacement, I wanted a higher capacity hard disk. So I purchased a 260 GB hard disk (old one was 40 GB) and Apricorn's EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit -

    Followed the simple instructions that came with the kit, and did the cloning. After cloning, the newly cloned disk must be installed in place of the old one.

    2. Similar hard disk capacity upgrades were performed on the two desktops. For doing this, I purchased Apricorn's Drivewire -

    Before cloning, run a good Anti Virus program (Kaspersky) as well as an anti spyware program (Spybot S & D). The old hard disks may be formatted and used as additional storage.

    Frequent backups must still be done using Windows Control Panel, Backup and Restore. Because of the backup size, it's best to save the backup on an external hard disk (1 TB?). I prefer an enclosure with a built-in cooling fan and this is what I use -

    The eSATA cable on the above Rosewill enclosure works well, and backups are faster than USB 2.0 - just make sure that the right drivers are installed, and this depends on the make and model of your PC motherboard (not Rosewill).
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