Phenom X3 8750 black? or other?

I started to slowly upgrade my PC and only planned on upgrading a few parts, but now i'm getting really into it lol

So yeah, I found this I have an X2 4400+ at the moment so it seemed like a fitting upgrade with the additional 100mhz, the extra core and the faster bus speed and better RAM compatability, I also did a bit of research and somebody has said that it can be overclocked really easily, like to 3.0Ghz using the stock cooler!

£90 seems like a good price to me, what does everyone else think, is this good or can you suggest better?
Has anyone got any experience with this CPU? is it as easy to overclock as people make out? (I'm using an MSI K9A2 PLATINUM 790FX)

Thanks in advance ^_^
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