Is my Case sufficient for i7 amd 4870X2??


I am going to be upgrading my full PC system very soon. I'm looking at buying i7 920 with 4870X2. The question is will my current case be able to keep everything cool enough and will my GPU fit?

I have a Thermaltake Soprano V1000 which has two 12cm fans front and back and 9cm on the side. In order to buy my current spec i'm at the top of my budget. Do you think it might be better to go for a GTX260 (216) and buy a better case instead? I don't want to unless I absolutely have to though.

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    very good case good air flow plus its quiet :D

    youtube review
  2. Thanks for the above post. Although a nice case, undeniably better than my current case the cooling system doesn't seem to be any better as it has the same size fans in the same locations which was my main concern.
  3. Try the Coolermaster CM 690, loads of good quality fans, plus quite a few features

    YouTube review :)

    I am gonna get this case soon!!!
  4. Thanks again for the above peaks. However does anyone know if my current case will be OK?
  5. yes your current case will be fine size wise!!!

    There not that many fans though so probably not that great airflow. Trust me it is really important. My mates computer had a temperature change of 45C because of airflow. Comp was constantly overheating becauise of poor airflow.

    Fans are quite loud so would look into either getting some new ones, (better quality) or another case!!
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