Stress testing software/screen freezing

I have been O'Cing and using Prime95 to test. I was having on of the cores shut down due to a rounding error and have narrowed that down to most likely the HT speed. I bumped it down from 2400 to 2200 and it ran fo 12 hours without any problems. I have been playing gtaIV as well for a few hours without seeing anything bad either. Still, I have had the computer freeze In seemingly random times when just surfing the web or browsing through steam.

Does anyone know of testing software that might catch this or what might be causing this?
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  1. Also, I oticed after the most recent crash that i still had spread spectrum on, and then disabled it...I had loaded a stock profile and when re ocing from there forgot to turn it off before. could that cause any freezing problems?
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