Why does note book have two hard drives

my note book hp tc1100 has two hard drives. My c drive only has 5%free space my d drive has 73% free space. i try to down load service pack 3. But my down loads go to c drive how can i get my down loads to go to d drive instead? I running windows xp home.
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  1. after you click the download link, you should see a screen asking you to either run, save or cancel. choose save and it should open a window asking you where to save. from there you can navigate to your d drive
  2. i guess i should of wrote question a little better. It is a windows update that i am trying to do and it automatically goes to the c drive and i don't have enough space on the c drive so i need it to go to the d drive.
  3. it wont, you have to make room on your c drive by moving some stuff over to the d drive
  4. thank you
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