Is my GTX 470 a Bad Card??

I assembled my new rig 2 days ago and everything has been running good until I moved onto my graphics card. The Graphics card is a MSI GTX 470 (

My main problem is that it came stock at 1.025V and any undervolting causes artifacting and crash at around 2 min of Furmark. Also at stock everything it hit 96C after only 3 min of Furmark and then sits their with fan at 100%. My ambients are currently 27C and during the day when it got up to 30C it couldn't even run Furmark at stock because it got up to 98C then crashed.

Will sending this back and hoping for a better card fix this or should I just refund it and go with a different brand?

PS: Using latest drivers, ambient temps are currently 27C, using custom fan curve in MSI afterburner with fan at 100% past 85.
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  1. You're ambient temperatures suck dude. i try to keep mine below 25*C at max. 30*C comes out to 86*F. Which is way too hot. There's no way it's going to perform well at those temperatures. The GTX 470 and 480 are already hot cards and ambient temperature has a huge effect on overall temperature. And pumping the fan speed won't help alot once it's already that hot. I run mine at a constant 82% fan speed which allows for 800MHz core/1.6GHz shader/3.7GHz mem at 1.025v. At 86% I can run 815/1.63/3.8, but mine shipped with a stock voltage of .937volts. Find a way to fix the ambient temperatures or get a different card.
  2. My biggest question is with Neweggs RMA program will a new card have a different stock voltage since mine came at 1.025 which is ridiculous.
  3. That seems completely normal to me. My 5850 stock voltage is 1.0875V... Undervolting can and should cause artifacting issues. If there was much head room to drop the voltage they probably would have. Some cards might be able to lower it a bit, I just saw something where one guy managed to get 0.87V at stock clocks but regardless, if it runs at stock then I doubt you'll get a new card with an RMA. They'll probably send it back and make you pay for shipping lol.

    You should crank the fan up or buy after market cooling, especially with such a high ambient temperature.
  4. Lol, not to be a troll, but that's why i stuck with me 5850 XD HIGH FIVE WOLFRAM! 5850 OC FTW!

    Anyway topic-wise, sending back won't do anything. They'll return your money, but your paying for shipping. Also, you should try aftermarket cooling. I know that Arctic Cooling makes some really good VGA cooling, but also check out Zalman. I can't suggest any but look around. Also 1.025 is actually really low stock voltages, just up the voltage to supplement for the OC. Newegg RMA's do not apply to things like that. RMA's usually apply to DOA items.
  5. Extremely high temps under load.
  6. Grimm_101 said:
    My biggest question is with Neweggs RMA program will a new card have a different stock voltage since mine came at 1.025 which is ridiculous.

    no, the stock voltage is the same on all cards AFAIK unless its a superclocked model which normally is minimal bump in voltage.

    before I got my 5850 i purchased a GTX 470 and ended up returning the card due to its heat issue (I also play at 27/28c during the day). Your ambient is too hot to run a 470, either get a 460 (or dual 460's if SLI is an option) or jump ship and get a 5850.
  7. Wonder how the GTX 470 SLI I just ordered are going to work out? :D Anyway, I think it's going to work out though, my case has a good air flow and even a side-fan directed at the graphic's cards. Around 90 in load is normal (however that voltage was a little high^^), apparently you can even overclock these basterds to be faster than the 480s, don't know if I want to risk the burns though :D I can always use it as an oven!
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