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Hello, I recently built my computer with a 1 tb spinpoint f3 hard drive. I'm looking into getting an SSD that I could put Windows 7/games like Starcraft 2, CoD MW2, Mass Effect, Crysis, Dragon Age, etc on it and see an improvement. Now I see a lot of people opting for these 40 gb SSDs which would leave no room for any games. Is that because putting games like the ones I mentioned on an SSD would see no improvement in anything other than load times? If that's all that it improves, I'm under the impression that it isn't worth it, waiting for an extra 5 seconds to initially load the game is doable for me if the SSD won't improve any FPS concerns
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    Using a SSD will only improve boot times and load times

    you will see little to no performance gain while gaming
  2. Sounds like it isn't worth the money...

    Thanks for your response.
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  4. Load and overall "responsiveness", but yes that would be all. The rest depends on CPU, RAM and GPU.
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