Error Code 39 on Toshiba and Plextor drives

I have an older athlon system that has a Toshiba SD-M1712 cd/dvd drive and a Plextor plexwriter PXW4012A and my system gives an error code 39 under status, which is cannot load the device driver for the hardware and no matter what I do, update driver, uninstall and reinstall etc will get either of them to work? In device manager they have the yellow circe and black exclimation point and for the life of me I have no idea how to correct this?

Anyone out there know what i can do to fix this? It's getting kind of a pain that I can't run cd or dvd's on this system.

All help will be appreciated!
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    Here's a fix, you'll have to edit your registry.
  2. If deleting the upper and lower filters don't work, try running this Fixit scan.
  3. treefrog07 said:
    Here's a fix, you'll have to edit your registry.

    that did the trick, thanks a million!
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  5. You're welcome. Glad you got it fixed.
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