Larkooler Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit or corsair h50

Larkooler Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit or corsair h50 ??

will they have a big difference overclocking amd 1055t to 3.8 ghz with a msi 890 fx mobo?

plss help me..
tnx guys
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  1. The 1055T should overclock to 4GHz+ on good air cooling. The H50 is only as good as good air cooling though anyway with a good watercooled system (I have no idea what larkooler are like) you could reach 4.5GHz+.
  2. are u sure about 1055t getting up to 3.8 ghz with only aircooling?
    i dont think im very sure of that . . .

    can u show me some proof

    tnx in advance
  3. I have just read in this forum repeatedly that you can get a 1055T to 4ghz on air no problem. It you google 1055T overclock you will also find several examples. Obviously you need a good air cooler but many people have said you can get 3.5GHz on the stock cooler.
  4. H50 is crap, you'd do just as well with a good quality air cooler. That Larkooler kit looks like a rebranded Thermaltake BigWater kit. I'd avoid that like the plague. Go with good air or drop the money on real WC components with performance you'd expect. I'm sure either would be OK for at least a short time, but I wouldn't use either in anything I own.
  5. The H50 is a solid solution as is the newly released H70 which performs even better if you are looking to get a solid cooler that does not obstruct memory slots like some large air coolers.
  6. how about if im goin to get this

    ASRock 890GX Extreme3 Motherboard?

    will i still be able to overclock to 3.8 ghz??
  7. If you are using a dedicated graphics card you only need the 870 extreme 3. Either will be fine for overclocking.
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