Semi-New builder looking for suggestions

This is the first build I plan on actually building myself
I've had a previous build, which my brother built after I picked out the parts

I plan on using this for gaming and anything else in general.....
Anyone have any suggestions....

I was considering getting an i7 instead of a dual core but wasn't sure if it was worth it for dollar vs. performance
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  1. 1st get a SATA burner, not the IDE burner.
    2nd you have a crossfire capable motherboard and the power supply to drive 2 HD4870s in crossfire, but a Nvidia graphic card. You can either save money on a different motherboard and power supply, or swith to an ATI graphic card.
    Decent build.
  2. Thanks alot for taking the time to critique it :D. I like nvidia for some reason, heh, don't know why really...

    Any suggestion on a motherboard though?
  3. For the price you are paying you can build an i7 that will perform better than that rig.

    Here's a wishlist I made of a basic i7 setup:
    You can then use your case with this and get a Monsoon III LT to cool your CPU and overclock very easily. I have an i7 with a light oc of 3.0ghz I did by just changing the BCLK to 150, that was it.
  4. Just realized you included a monitor/mouse/keyboard in that build.
    But the i7 is worth the price difference of $200. I would go for it.
  5. Hmm, very interesting....
    Would the case on your build be better or does it not really make a difference?
  6. The Antec 300 is a much better value IMO because it has better cooling and half the price. However Lian Li's have a look that only a Lian Li can deliver, so if that is important to you then you can spend $40 more on that. Also, the Lian Li is ever so slightly wider and longer, which makes it easier to fit a big video card and a big CPU cooler in there, but the antec 300 is plenty big enough in most cases.
  7. One final question, how comparable is the 512mb 4870 vs the gt260 896mb?
  8. The HD4870 512MB and the GTX260 192 are basically equal in real world performance, some games are better on one card, others are better on the other. The recent driver upgrades by both Nvidia and ATI helped. The HD4870 1GB and the GTX260 216 are also basically equal in real world performance with a small performance edge going to the GTX260 216.
    The reason your price list is so high is that you doubled up on quite a few of your items, check your shopping list.
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