Fresh install of windows vista hangs indefinitly

This is a brand new computer and so does not have any OS installed currently, when i try install windows vista, it will stop randomly either while the black and white "windows is loading files" screen is up, or the green windows loading bar imediatly after, or this green windows bar will disapear and then a blank screen will appear. i have tried leaving it for several hours on each part mentioned above but nothign changes.
the hardware is:
-Asus p5q3 delux Mobo
-Intel quad core cpe
-4gb DDR3 Ram
-XFX Geforce 9800 GTX 512MB
-Seagate 320GB HDD

P.S. I tried installing XP a couple of times after i got too frustrated with Vista, however i had similar problems, but was able to start the installation and get to the part where you can partition the HDD, the installation would then stop midway through partitioning the HDD. after attempting to isntall without partitioning the installation would freeze up also.
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  1. educated guess is that you have a hard drive thats faulty ,

    or if its an IDE drive the cable may be damaged
  2. its a sata drive, the drive is detected fine when looking at sata settings in the bios. but tbh i dont know an awful lot about these kinds of things.

    Edit: is there any way of testing if the drive is faulty without having an OS installed on the computer?
  3. There may be a way of testing it without an OS but I dont know it so

    2 possible tests .

    Plug that drive in to the sata port of another computer and try and format it from windows . In XP you right click MY COMPUTER , then MANAGE , then DISK MANAGEMENT . I presume vista is similar

    Plug another sata drive into the new computer and see if Vista installs
  4. thanx for the advice, ill try that as soon as i can get acess to another computer, any suggestions any1 has in the meentime would be apreciated
  5. It could be your RAM too.
  6. Remove all but 1 stick of RAM. Windows has issues loading OS's pre-SP2. Once you install windows with the 1G or 2G of RAM, download SP2. Then you can add the other RAM.
  7. Install Windows with only one stick of ram. Put it back after you finish the install. The Vista installer has issues with 4GB of ram, for whatever reason.
  8. Edit: sorry, what I meant to say is 'windows has issues loading OS's pre-SP2 with more than 2Gb of memory.'
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