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Sup Fellow PC People!!! I have another question for the house. I'm looking into getting this motherboard:

It has 6 Sata Slots, but only 4 can be used in Ide, or Sata mode, the 2 black slots are only for raid. I have two 80 gig wd raptors S(yeah their old, but they still work well and I really don't want to part with them). I wanted to use those in a raid 0 or 1 for my system drive (probably 1). I also wanted to used the other 4 sata ports for my media storage and gaming drives, for a total of 6 drives. Will I be able to raid my 2 raptors, and use the other 4 sata slots for my other drives at the same time? Or, will I only be able to use EITHER the 2 black slots in raid mode OR use the other blue slots for sata/ide mode, but not both at the same time?
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  1. yes, you can use them at the same time
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