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I have just successfully loaded Windows 7 on my notebook (it did have Windows Vista)I saved all my emails as instructed by Microsoft to C:\Users\MY NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail...but I no longer have Outlook Express and am unable to locate how to re download this, then I hopefully can retrieve all my saved emails, some a extremely critical to retain.
Would greatly appreciate if someone is able to assist me with this.
Thanks Sandra
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  1. You didn't have Outlook Express on Vista, you had Windows Mail. You can install Windows Live Mail which is part of Windows Live Essentials.
  2. Thanks so much for that Grumpy, I have now loaded Windows Live Mail, I will now go see if I can retrieve my emails...Cheers
  3. Hi there...Windows Live Mail was only Hotmail, which I already have but I only ever use minimally, I am now not really sure what it was that I had but it was available when I purchased the notebook which had Windows Vista loaded, do you have another idea of what program would have loaded with Vista? I just checked my old PC and that had Outlook Express and what I had with Vista was certainly an identical layout (because I know I didn't get into any trouble using it..I am a senior and get quite confused when something is too different) :(
  4. I have no idea what you're asking. Windows Live Mail will support POP, IMAP as well as Hotmail.
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