Upgrading motherboard reinstall vista?

Please help. I have an Ibuypower gaming pc with Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP 2. I will be upgrading my motherboard for sli purposes and i wanted to know if i will need to reinstall Vista even though i will be doing no other hardware changes. By keeping Vista installed on the hard drive will the new mobo be able to run off it?

If a reinstall of vista is necessary, will i be able to do it just using a recovery partition from the hard drive? (no recovery cd was provided so im guessing i have a recovery partition) :(
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  1. you should be just fine. just make sure you handle the hdd carefully so no damage comes to it, and always keep yourself grounded.
  2. If the motherboard is close to the same, you shouldn't have any problems.
    Vista should boot just fine, it will probably take a bit to reconfigure its self, but all should be good in the end.
  3. alright thank you guys... im installing the mobo tomorrow hopefully i wont run into any problems. :??:
  4. Just to be sure, you could uninstall the chipset drivers form Vista before actually making the switch.
    After the switch, Vista will either install some default drivers, over which you can install the MB's drivers from the CD, or Vista will directly prompt you for the drivers the first time you boot.

    Also, you might have to reactivate Vista.
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