Home made RAM heat-sink

My Kingston HyperX DDR2-1066 modules were getting purdy hot, as high as 65C - so I decided to cool 'em down a bit. After attaching a lil heat-sink, these dropped down to the 30-32C-ish range with exhaust air from the CPU fan.

The first fin was sheared by hand, but it looked crummy, so I fired up my mill to rip out a couple more. I wound up using the hand-sheared fin anyway, but I could replace it in 5 minutes if it turns out I should.

Hand-job :(

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  1. Good job! I wish I had a mill, I want to make some heat sinks for my GPU VRMs...
  2. With the surface area equivalent to an entire sheet of plywood, I bet they'd run at ambient. :) Nice DIY work!
  3. Impressive! Nice idea with the twists on the vanes! :)
  4. Thanks guys; I have some .050" copper I was gonna use, but, aluminum happened to do the trick.

    Fins: AL6061, 5.0" x 3.0" x .050", .25" width with a 1.75" x .0625" gap (1/16" endmill); Drill 5plcs, Y=1.000" X=.500", 4ea+1.000"
    Spacer: Al6061, .250" plate 5"long, drilled .125" 5plcs (same spacing); cut at .270" wide.

    Since the DIMM-slot spacing is equidistant, these can be stacked to fit more than just the two chips I used (depending on the DIMM heat-spreader, which is .270" to .290".)
  5. WOW! You should make more, and sell 'em in the classified section.

    Custom made RAM Heat Sinks.
  6. Wow thats really cool! How well do they keep the ram cool? I have the OCZ Reaper ram and their heatsink system is pretty cool, but that tops any cooler ive seen on ram!
  7. Nice DIY work.
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