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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has got a H50 and a i7 920? I've got a 920 overclocked to 3.2Ghz and the Thermaltake 850i but it's 60c on idle and 80c up when playing games, not good....

So if anyone one could tell me so of their temps with the Hydro H50 I would i would appreciate it.

Thank you.
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    You'll find results using several different fan setups here

    Testing was done on an open bench so in case temps will be a few degree's higher but much better than your current results.
  2. #1, you are OC'ing the i7, so immediately expect your temps to be higher, although Skinnee's tests were done on an OC 920 @4ghz and gave moderately decent temps in the 60's and 70's Celsius. Now, with that in mind, it would possibly be a decent cooler if you never intended on watercooling GPU's...which let me be honest...was my next step once I watercooled my CPU. Regardless, i've seen a few things on the H70 which is supposed to be a replacement for the H50 is supposed to be released soon, but I doubt there are any tests done on it yet. I'd hope it would be better, but I (correction: WOULD NOT) recommend the H50, Thermaltake Bigwater or Zalman Reserator to ANYONE. Sorry, in my book, these are gimmicky attempts to entice entry WC users into coughing up money before they figure out the kits are bunk and not worth the pretty box they come in.
  3. rubix_1011 said:
    but I would recommend the H50, Thermaltake Bigwater or Zalman Reserator to ANYONE

    I don't think you meant that.
  4. Quite true. Correction: I WOULDN'T.
  5. In my mind. The H50 is as much of a water cooler as any heatsink with heat pipes... well they both have water in them and the performance is actually closer to high end air coolers with heat pipes anyway.

    Zalman reserator and Bigwater is perhaps a bit closer to real water cooling system but honestly they are priced too close to full water system too. I can't recommend them at all.
  6. I owned the H50 and i clocked to 3,6 ghz and got 50C norm and 80 load. Tryed prime 95 for 15 min and puff my mobo was gone(asrock extreme 58)

    Before i had a Zalman 9900 it was a litle better than the H50. But know i changed my H50 to Noctua NH-D14 and there is a world in difference. Its 42 idle and 50 load - all the way up to 3,8 ghz samme temps i´m impressed!
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  8. The H50 simply isn't a top end performer ... runs about 5C hotter than the best air coolers. The 2nd link shows it with the rather loud Yate Loon hits 42C @ 3.8 Ghz
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