What type of power connection does the Asus Xonar DX sound card have?

I want to purchase this sound card but I'm not sure if my power supply (Dell C521) has the right power cable...
I think the sound card uses a berg cable which my PSU has, but the length of the berg and molex cables that come from the PSU aren't long enough to reach the PCI cards at the bottom of my case.

If the sound card uses berg is there a molex to berg cable that would also extend the cable allowing it to reach the sound card?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. http://techreport.com/articles.x/14500

    "the DX still requires auxiliary power from a four-pin floppy connector. "

    Floppy drives are obviously usually in the top front of the case so the power cables usually aren't very long.

    There are a lot of adapters available. You should be able to find something cheaper than this just look for the length you need. Check monoprice.com and meritline.com, they usually have really good prices on cables.
  2. Do you know of a Molex to floppy connector. Cause my floppy power cable isnt long enough to reach the PCI cards :P... The adapter would give me the extra length.
    Thanks tho i really needed to know what type of connector it is because Ive never done a sound card installation before.
  3. I was editing when you responded. Many sound cards don't require any extra power and I'm a little surprised that one does. Just be sure you have good speakers. A good sound card is wasted on poor speakers.
  4. I have Logitech Z5500s there pretty good, and Tritton AX5.1 and I think they are being let down by my onboard sound card.
  5. They are pretty good. I have the Klipsch Pro Media Ultra 5.1 connected to my computer and the Z5500's connected to the TV and BluRay in my bedroom. The Klipsch are better but the Z5500's are good.
  6. I'm only a kid with a part time job tho... So i think the z5500 is the best i could do lol...
  7. That's fine, they are good. The sub is a little weak and due to the fact that there is only one speaker in the satellites they loose some range but they are much better than most other speakers. I'm sure you'll enjoy them even more when you get your new sound card :)
  8. Yea thanks
  9. You'd be surprised though because when I got my Klipsch I had an Audigy 2 and since then I upgraded to the X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS I have now. I thought they sounded good with my Audigy, when I got the X-Fi I was amazed at what they were capable of, enjoy.
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