Only one of two hdds shows up??


So i completed my build this aftrnoon. However i installed 2 HDD's one new seagae barracuda 250gb and a 500gb WD AAKS which came out of my recently bought NAS enclosure.

Problem: only the new drive shows up under my computer.

i can see the drive in the bios and under the storage managment utility in windows.
do i need to reformat it as it had about 90GB of data on it before i put in my new comp.

What should I DO Please Help
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  1. That's a possibility. Can you tell me more about this NAS?
  2. its a hdd in an enclosure that connects to a router or to your pc through ethernet.
  3. oh NAS stands for Network Attached Storage
  4. ROFL

    Can you tell me more about this PARTICULAR NAS?
  5. Made by Buffalo its a white 500gb unit, has its own cooling fan. thats bout it.
    this is what it look like
  6. I thought I would learn if there was some special formatting involved with the drive, but I'm not coming up with anything.

    I can only guess that there is some special boot sector preventing recognition, so if you can lose the files already on it, or can back them up, I would say try to format.
  7. thanks i have formatted and now it is working fine.
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