Radeon 4850 Dual Slot??

I read that the Radeon 4850 is a dual slot card.

Does that just mean that due to it's size that it will stop the use of the nearest PCI slot to it?

I'm thinking of getting a new comp set up with a micro atx board so wondering wether it may cause any problems.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Yes, the cooling system will cover the adjacent slot, or at least obstruct it enough to make it unusable.
  2. most mid to high end gpus are dual slot cards. unless you need to use the adjacent slot, you should be ok.
  3. Thanks for your answers.

    I'll need one PCI slot for a wireless network card unless you can get USB wireless network cards?

    I was possibly thinking about getting a better soundcard later on but I guess it's not a major concern.

    I think I'll prob stick with a micro ATX board.

    Thanks alot for the help. :)
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