Overclocking phenom II x6 1055t

Hello, I'm new at overclocking, and I am installing my phenom II x6 1055t today. I watched a video that safely overclocked it to 3500mhz with the stock heat sink and maintained OK temperatures. I plan on investing in a heat sink eventually, but not for about a month. Is it safe to overclock without an aftermarket heat sink? Any input about any of this would be helpful. :)
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  1. yea you can OC with the stock cooler as long as you monitor your temps. Keep it under 60c at load and you will be fine.
  2. I was also wondering. When I overclock up to 3.5ghz it puts my Crucial 2x2gb DDR3 ram that is rated for 1600 up to 1666. Is this too much of an overclock? Or will this be ok?
  3. It might be OK, run prime 95 blend test to see if it crashes try increasing the timings or lower the memory multiplier.
  4. yea it shouldn't crash at 1666Mhz. If it does just lower the FSB a bit and you should be fine.
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