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Intel RST vs. Marvell

Hey guys,
I'm setup right now with an Intel 510 SSD and a Samsung Spinpoint HDD through Sata 6GB/S.

I have downloaded and installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology which shows both drives connected as seen here (image taken before Spinpoint connected)

I did this because I was told you don't want to be running your drives off the Marvell controller. However both the Intel and the Marvell drivers show up in Device Manager under different devices. The Marvell controller does not appear under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, like the Intel SATA controller does, but appears under Storage Controllers.

Should I remove the Marvell driver and device? What is it's purpose at this point exactly? My ASUS-DVDRW? I have been getting random lockups lately and I am thinking this could be why (having both controllers active)/
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  1. If nothing connected to Marvel controller, uninstall it, reboot to bios and disable. Reduces power requirments a tiny bit.

    Some DVD players don't like being connected in AHCI mode ports.
  2. Thanks. How would I go about testing what (if any) is connected to Marvell?
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    If you did not connect any devices to it then nothing is using it and as above you can disable it.

    That said, I dought it is your problem. I have 2 SSDs connected to my Intel sata III connectors (AHCI) and a HDD and a Bluray recorder connected to my Intel Sata II ports. My marvel controller is enable (nothing attached) and not having a problem.

    MB and which SSD might be helpfull
  4. I have two of my BRD's (Blue rays) installed to Marvell Sata without issue. I don't bother with the Marvell Raid.

    I rely on Intel RST to get things done.
  5. Thanks for all the help everyone. I will keep it installed since it does seem a little "out there" for this to be causing my lock ups.
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  7. x Heavy said:
    I have two of my BRD's (Blue rays) installed to Marvell Sata without issue. I don't bother with the Marvell Raid.

    I rely on Intel RST to get things done.

    Hey bro, can you run two different RAID Setups at the same time in the Intel SATA III and II chipset? I want to use a RAID 0 and a RAID 1. If not, I'll use a RAID 0 SATA III in Intel and a RAID 1 in Marvel. May be slower in Marvel but I really don't care too much in a RAID 1 for internal backup.
  8. I have done so with both Marvell and Intel on the current Z68 board.

    I had two 7200 RPM spinners on the Marvell Raid one. (Mirrior) and used it to back up everything on the Intel SSD Raid stack as the new build progressed. The Marvell did not care what was hooked up to it.

    Once everything was essentially finished, I broke down the raid and installed the Marvell's white cables to the BR Drives to free up two more intel slots for more SSD's I have 4 on now, two more on the way. That will fill all 6 of my intels.

    The backup drive is run now via docking external via USB 3.0 Two tera drives on there now. Plenty of room.

    It WAS interesting watching BIOS post then MARVELL POST RAID then INTEL POST RAID then Motherboard splash screen then windows all in 10 seconds or less.
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