What motherboard could i use for a hp compaq case


I have looked around every for the answer i need, but no luck.
My question is What type of motherboard (itx,microatx,atx etc...)would be able to fit in my case.
the case is from a hp compaq p4 computer but i really need to upgrade it.
i dont know to much info about my case but i do have some pictures

the front

the back
(4 slots located at bottome of back)


I would very much apprecaite any help. if you have any questions more about my case plese feel free to ask.

thanks in advance
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  1. microATX would fit

    and btw i think that case size is microATX mini tower
  2. I have a spare hp board from a compaq presario. It is a "boston" micro atx model made by msi and is posted on the compaq website for model number SR5402FH. It will work with 5xxx or 7xxx core2 duo cpus and pc 6400 ddr2 memory. I also have the backplate for it. Vista will find the device drivers, but I don't know if windows xp will. It came preloaded with vista basic, and I made backup dvd's. pc 6400 is pretty cheap; I recommend 2x2gb kits for around $50. I also have a celeron 430 or e4500 core2 duo available; both work with this board. Finally, it came with samsung 2x1 gb pc6400 which is also available. Let me know if you're interested in any of these items. I will even sell the whole system and ship it to you in the usa only. Living next to Fry's has it's advantages. My heatware id is o1die.
  3. That's a mATX case.

    Anyhow, the minute you start to upgrade, you run into a power supply problem. Most HP, Dell, etc come with a psu sized and having connectors for near-no growth. So, check the rating and cables on your psu.

    Next problem is the front panel connectors (if any) (and the psu) may use proprietary connectors and a new mobo may not work with the case without rewiring the connectors.

    Bottom line: . . . trying to save the case is not a good idea at the end of the day. You will be upgrading a lot, and if you decide to keep the HD and CD/DVD drive (the only "safe" candidates), you could install those in a new build.
  4. I already upgraded the power supply to an antec 350w on my compaq, and the cpu from celeron to e4500. Fry's is the best. They always have combo specials, so parting out or selling the whole system wouldn't be a problem. I can buy all the components at Fry's and build a complete system in about 2 hours with the time it takes to load windows.
  5. I thought soliciting was prohibited here?
  6. If it is, then I apoligize. I don't really need to sell the parts, but just pointing out how easy it is to get replacements from Fry's. I'm happy with my system as is. His problem is the proprietary windows software with most hp systems. I'm running windows 7 RC right now, and he could also run it with a different brand motherboard. But with his current windows files, he'll need an hp board.
  7. So what im hearing is that its a microATX, but the power supply my cause isues with installing the motherboard? if so any recomendations for the power supply, also how can i check the rating and cables? and what would be good? sorry for all theses questions. the pc was custom made by a friend of mine about a year ago.

    Thank you again
  8. Sorry - are you saying that the case *already* had a custom PC installed? In other words, its really NOT an HP/Compaq any more? If that's the case, the psu and front panel compatability issues are resolved.

    Please look inside and:

    1) Find the make and model of the mobo if its visible, and
    2) Look for a specification plate showing the make, model, and capacity of the power supply.

    Then we can talk about upgrades.
  9. I used pc wizard and i got this
    Intel 845GE Motherboard 0888h

    As for my psu
    make: Lite-on
    model: PS-5022-5L
    Capacity: 200 W

    i beleave thats what you want.
    so i know now it's a microatx.
    but i guess all i need to know is if i should get a new case, or hopefully save a few bucks not buying one. if i could upgrade the psu, what should i get?

    thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
  10. No problem!

    OK, a 200W psu isn't going to allow much upgrading.

    But before we start suggesting upgrades, what would you like to wind up with? Or, do you have a budget range? Or both?

    And/or what do you want to use the PC for? What is there about its performance doing those things that makes you want to upgrade? If you want to game, what screen size and resolution do-you-have/will-you-be-using.

    Armed with that stuff, the rest should be easy to construct.
  11. I would start by tossing the case. Fry's.com has an antec 300 for $49.99 with free shipping last time I checked. If you buy this case in one of the stores this week, they'll give you a free antec 350w ps. Or you can get a 500w antec ps for $44.99 and continue using your old case with any micro atx motherboard. I suggest either a g31 chipset board for Intel, or 780g for amd. Both are inexpensive, available for around $65. With a 2x2gb pc 6400 kit, you can use vista or windows 7 64 bit. I tried windows xp 64, and got hit by trojans twice, so I stopped using it. Using windows defender, I've had no trojan or other virus attacks with vista or 7.
  12. I have been looking for a psu and there was a webpage
    they said the atx psu would fit in most hp case
    exception would be a slim line case or the esoteric Blackbird
    i dont have ether also on
    i says, If you see a staggered 4-hole mounting pattern (5 1/4" and 4 1/2" spacings), then a new ATX PSU will work with that boad.
    THe mesurements were exact.
    does that mean the microatx mobo and a 400 w atx psu would be able to work on my
  13. as for range if its a good deal then yea.
    $0-$300 would be my budget at this moment.

    i would like to have a pcie x 16, NVIDIA 8800 series, ATI 3800 series video card witch i will buy at a later date, atleast 2 gb of ram, 400w psu, 2.6 ghz and up or dual core 2.0 and up. mainly for games my screen size would be no more then 1280 by 1024.
  14. If you want to build, that HP case/PSU are not the things to start with.
    Start by picking you out a decent case and PSU, then if you have to save a while longer to buy the rest, do so. Throw the HP case and PSU into the trash can and never give it a second thought.
  15. so what i am hearing is i cant use my case for upgrade?
  16. You can use your hp case for micro atx motherboards only. The Fry's deal is pretty good, especially the free ps with in store pickup. The antec 300 is a basic quality case that's a good value. You won't find a decent power supply for under $50 shipped. Antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, enermax, ocz, and seasonic are all good brands. If you had to buy a separate power supply to use with your hp case, I would go with the corsair 400w for $59.99 at newegg, plus you get a $20 rebate and free shipping. This power supply has a good warranty and should work with mid range video cards, such as the 4850 ati or 3850 nvidia. If you want to use the 8800 or 9800gt, then a 550w corsair would be the absolute minimum size I would go with. Avoid cheap no name ps; they fail under load, as many are overated when tested.
  17. If you decide to use your old hp case and corsair ps, I would go with a newegg combo special that includes the 7750 amd black edition cpu and asus M3A76-CM micro atx board with 4 memory slots for $119.95. That will leave you with enough for memory.
  18. @corboy
    Be careful with replies to this thread. Many people do not read beyond your original post, and so their comments can be confusing.

    1) We have already established that you *can* use your case, because it was already used once for a rebuild. Therefore there are no compatibility issues with an mATX mobo or standard psu. If that turns out to be wrong for some reason we do not see now, you will have to buy another case. But it will not affect anything else you order, so not much to lose.

    2) We have already established we will *not* use your old psu because 200W is simply not enough. So we will be buying some standard psu.

    But there are several other things we need to establish:

    3) Do you have a CD for your operating system? (eg, Windows XP) Note that a "restore disk" that contains a copy of your hard rive as it was orignally delivered will *not* work for our purposes. Once you change your motherboard, installing your current OS becomes a real issue we have to deal with. Without the CD, a substantial portion of your budget will go to buying a new OS.

    4) Do you plan to use your existing hard drive and optical drive? If so, please let us know whether they are PATA (connected by flat, wide ribbon cables, or SATA (thin cables, connector ~1" wide. Motherboards still support both types, but I'd like to get an idea just how old those devices are.

    5) You are currently using graphics from your motherboard, so any mobo we buy needs to have onboard graphics. Unless you have another graphics card somewhere? or accelerate your vid card purchase.

    6) Do you have a preference for AMD, Intel, or just want the best price/performance ratio? Typically, an AMD cpu/mobo will be less expensive than an equivalent Intel combination.

    Aftre this, we can actually pick components while keeping an eye on your budget.
  19. You can buy a dell windows xp restore cd for about $10-15 at places like 9software. I used my dell vista dvd on a non dell motherboard, and it works fine. All you need is your old coa sticker number to reactivate windows.
  20. or if you know someone you could make a copy
    or torrent it, just make sure it is an unmodified retail disc of the same type (eg RTM or SP1. 32bit/64bit, sorry if that is a no go on the site)
  21. post deleted.
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