Intel i7 930 overclock temp problem

hey guys I have an i7 930 overclocked at 4ghz (using the Corsair H50 Water Cooler kit) with 1.344V, bus speed 200mhz with cpu ratio at 20, RAM is set at 1600mhz with 1.65v and the motherboard is an AsRock x58 extreme motherboard. My CPU seems to runnning stable with all of this at 4ghz however I'm a bit concerned about the temps I'm getting when I stress it with Linx, as it reaches 94 degrees celcius (201 degrees fahrenheit). Also this is the first time I've overclocked a CPU before so any advice that would help me get the temps below the 90 degree mark while its stable would be appreciated .

Thank you
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  1. The first thing to do is to check the H50 installation. It doesn't appear to be seated right. Going over 70 degs C will certainly lower the life expectancy of the CPU.

    Do not continue to run at these temps.
  2. Hey I just found this bios option where if you disable it, it can solve compatitbility voltage issues with PSU's and this allowed me to turn the voltage down even more while it's still running stable and now I get a temp reading of 80-85 degrees when stressed out but thanks for the advice.
  3. The temp max that intel recommand is 75 degrees, you should decrease the frequencie or the voltage.

    What temps do you have in game and in iddle ?
  4. A good air cooler would get your temps in line at 4GHz. I don't know about that water cooler but surely it is better than a good air cooler. First thing to do is take the cooler off, clean off the thermal compound, put a little thermal compound back on, reinstall the water block on the cpu and double check that all 4 corners seat properly.
  5. I have overclocked the I7 930 using similar parameters and I am getting max 75 deg.

    My system:
    I7 930 OC to 4ghz + Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme-1366 cooler
    Asus P6T
    OCZ Gold low voltage 3x2 GB memory @1333 MHz, 1.64V
    2x Radeon HD5770 in crossfire

    I set CPU ratio to 20, bus speed 200 => 4GHz overclock
    CPU voltage however is 1.29 V and memory speed is 1200 (I decreased the multiplier to 8 from 10).

    Runs stable, no probs.
  6. ^1 razor4ya!

    On my system, I OCed the CPU and underclocked the RAM.
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