My pc only has one hard drive lead can i add a slave/master one

i have a old pc and have aquired another hard drive i plan to fit as slave but my motherboard only has one connector for a hard drive. i have a spare lead with master and slave but once attached and setup correctly ie slave master with jumpers correct it doesnt work is my pc to old or have i missed something
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  1. Is the acquired hard disk drive an Ultra DMA (UDMA) mode hard disk drive?

    What is the IDE controller version on the motherboard?

    Are you using a 40-conductor cable or an 80-conductor cable?

    What is the storage capacity of the acquired hard disk drive?

    What is the make and model of the motherboard and hard disk drives?
  2. Why didn't you told us about your pc?

    it depends alot. some old pc's don't work with 40 gig hard drives, but a dell Pentium 2 gx even accepts 320 gigs. so you should give more detailed info.
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