2-way SLI with 3- way SLI bridge

Hi all,

kinda new to SLI , getting my second evga 280 later
this week.. my P6T manual says i should have a 2-way SLI bridge,
but it only came with a 3-way bridge..

is this one and the same? or does it matter to use on 2-way sli?

thanks for info!

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  1. where did you get the board at? It should have had both a three way and two way connector with it.
  2. the thing is with 3 way sli cards, your ok. You can use the connector with them as regualr 2 way sli as well, but the problem is if you ever change to regular 2 way sli max cards or quad sli cards, you'll need the 2way connector since those card don't have the extra pins:)
  3. baddad , L1qu1d

    i wanted to thank you for posting a reply. when your in the trench some things that make perfect sense
    to some is like mass confusion to the rest.. lol and i wanted to get a jump to the EVGA store for a 2-way connector
    so i could get it here if needed.. ( you know them punks want $60 for next day air?? ) plus $20 bucks for the
    connector .. gee wizz

    i would have replied sooner, and wanted to reply for others that may be searching for the same answer.
    but my card did arive this evening, and i can confirm that a 3-way SLI bridge works just fine on a 2-way
    SLI configuration. and HELL YES I LOVE IT !! ive been wanting to do sli since the vodoo days. so F hey
    im enjoying it very much...

    I just wasnt prepared for the heat increase.. i do have liguid on the i7 940 ( @3.4 ghz ) but i noticed
    around a 7 degree increase idle from 39 say to 46.. and GPU temps went from 50 idle to around 62

    with a load on crysis max i get around 80 GPU temp.. soooo... fan speed tweeeling is in my future.

    but im happy , thanks and i hope this helps others searching for this answer in cyberspace somewhere..

    i7 940 ( @3.4 )
    P6T 6 gb dominator 1600
    2x GTX 280's
    can of woop ass = free!! lol
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