Is it Okay to Overclock Before Installing Win 7


Still working on my new rig. I have a P6X58D premium, i7-930, and hyper 212 plus master cooler.

I did search around, but didn't find anything that answered that specific question. I don't know if it's possible to install win 7 and then BIOS overclock? Is it safe to do that? Or what would be best: Overclock then install the OS or install win 7 then overclock. I know I probably overlooked something. I've been looking at manuals and searches for two days now, lol. So, I'm like this right now: :pt1cable: lol I appreciate any assistance.

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  1. I do not recommend doing that at all...
    First of all you need to get into windows to test for stability, and I haven't tried doing that, but something could possibly go wrong. Also, why would you want to OC first then install? Your supposed to stress test after every OC, or usually. Second, usual order of things is

    1st boot go to BIOS, make sure all settings are correct (IE Timings, boot sequence, etc.)
    2nd boot installing Win (Vista,XP,Win7)
    3rd boot, DL drivers and such.
    After that go ahead and OC, but before OCing get CoreTemp or a temp monitoring software, and Prime95 to stress test.
  2. ^+1 As well as being able to stress test you want to make sure everything is working before you overclock.
  3. Okay, so to be sure I have this right, so first I want to install win 7, then overclock and test the new settings? This is my first time doing this, so I'm nervous and over-careful right now. I'm getting on my own nerves, lol.
  4. It's ok, just remember, if your system doesn't post after the OC, DON'T FREAK OUT. Just reset the CMOS with jumper. I have a clear CMOS button on my mobo, but :P IDK bout yours. Also when you OC increment slightly. Once you get the GHZ you feel good at, or if you want to push it more stop and test it. If it doesn't work, perhaps change the voltages. If your new to OCing, this is a great guide.
  5. Yeah, I've looked the overclocking guide, but it doesn't give any info about overclocking DDR3.

    Soon as I get this hard drive straight (I don't know which setting to use, IDE, AHCI, RAID), then I can move on and install win 7.
  6. Youtube is the best, utilize it :D Did your question get answered though? Or do you need more info?
  7. A good overclocking guide will include suggestions for memory settings.
  8. aznshinobi said:
    Youtube is the best, utilize it :D Did your question get answered though? Or do you need more info?

    I didn't think about Youtube, I'll check it out! Me and Google have been pretty tight, though. lol.

    You did answer my question about overclocking before or after install. Thank you!

    Now I"m just waiting on an answer about the hard drive settings. I made a thread in the Homebuilt section about it. Once the fog clears over my head :pt1cable: , then I can get to work!
  9. OH i suppose so then? JSC.

    Well I usually don't OC ram, as i have the unlocked multi. So yeah, but since your new. It should be given to you by the manufacturer. Within the Bios you need to set the memory timings. For my GD70's bios it's in the same location as where i up the multiplier for the CPU OC. Also, i think since your board is a pretty high end Asus board. It'll have the memOK button am i correct, i'm not clear on the functionality of it. But it should just auto set the timings and memory stuff.

    NCIX is a great tech tip youtube channel.

    That specific video will help you setup RAID 0

    Sooo if that answered that, just pick that as the answer and the topic'll close :D
  10. LOL Ironically i think that's your motherboard in the video.
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